The following are among our most recently visited schools who allowed us to come share our Silent Strength Kindness Presentation with their students. If you might like more references than these, or if you might like references closer to your part of the country, then just shoot us an email, and we will be happy to provide those for you!

Elementary Schools
Overton Ray E.S. (TX)
Ms. Kendy Johnston (Principal)
(940) 569-5253

Middle Schools
Orono M.S. (ME)
Mr. Heath Kennie (Principal)
(207) 866-2350

High Schools
Groveton H.S. (NH)
Ms. Lisa Perras (Principal)
(603) 636-1619

Princeton E.S. (ME)
Ms. Kaylee Disher (Counselor)
(207) 853-2567

Lancaster M.S. (VA)
Ms. Jessica Davis (Principal)
(804) 462-5100

Virginia H.S. (VA)
Mr. Gary Ritchie (Asst. Supt.)
(276) 821-5600

Riverview E.S./M.S. (VA)
Ms. Kim Hess (Principal)
(276) 935-1613

Mellon M.S. (PA)
Mr. Ben Canan (Asst. Principal)
(412) 344-2122

Tennessee H.S. (TN)
Ms. Kim Kirk (Principal)
(423) 652-9494