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2nd of August 2018 11:35 PM Link
The Parents' Booster Club from Eastern Hancock High School had this awesome poster hanging on the wall in the hallway!
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1st of August 2018 06:55 PM Link
This photo was taken from the inside of the actual gymnasium used to film the movie, HOOSIERS! It was only about 5 miles away from our first Silent Strength visit of the new school year with Eastern Hancock High School and Eastern Hancock Middle School in Charlottesville, Indiana today!
Thank you SO much for allowing us to be a part of your first day back to school, Mr. Pfaff! These kids were absolutely amazing, and the Indiana landscape is breathtaking! THANK YOU for your incredible hospitality!
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24th of July 2018 11:55 PM Link
These are just 3 of the over 1,200 positive messages that were submitted by Elementary, Middle, and High School students nationwide this past Spring using the YOU UPLIFT - KINDNESS SUBMISSION & DISPLAY PLATFORM (with several submissions coming from teachers and parents as well).
New schools are now joining every day in preparation for the new school year, and we would absolutely love the opportunity to get to be of service to your school as well if you might allow us to.
Good luck to all of our Teachers and Students as they head back to school this Fall!
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14th of July 2018 06:36 PM Link
To our teacher, student, and parent followers... we are happy to announce that we just released the new upgrades to the "You Uplift" Student Motivation and Kindness Platform for the 2018-19 school year, as the software now:

1.) Receives submissions of positive comments, messages, photos, displays, and videos!
2.) Allows your Guidance counselor (or coordinating teacher) to APPROVE or reject all submissions with the click of a button!
3.) Creates a customized school display for all of your approved submissions.
4.) Places your positive displays into a digital rotation for everyone to view.
5.) Gives your rotating display a live url link, so that all of your positive submissions can be viewed and shared anywhere there is internet access (Facility Smart TV's, School Websites, Social Media Outlets, email newsletters).
... If you might be looking for an additional tool to help add to your positive school environment, then we would absolutely love to be of service to you!
(You can find more details at or feel free to message us with any questions, and we'll get back to you right away!)
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8th of July 2018 08:21 PM Link
These photos were taken a little over a week ago on our family beach trip. There are 2 things that are noticeably different from some of our first family beach photos from so many years ago (one of which happens to be our cover photo):
1.) Though a few family members are no longer with us now, our family has grown a great deal since.
2.) We are all wearing the exact same t-shirts in the picture for the first time, and here's why...
You see, nearly everyone in our family has been tabbed with a nickname over the years . There's Rev, Doub, Dorito, Finkums, Kurtapotimus, (just name a few). Many years ago, our Mom was apply dubbed "Grandma Dory" by her grandson Corey for her propensity to start telling a story and then completely forgetting where she was going with it, and she absolutely loved and embraced her new nickname. She actually loved it so much that she even had GMA DORY license plates put on her car (along with having Dory pins and stickers all over her house). In addition, Grandma Dory, LOVED the family beach trip (and even more so since the new babies have come along)!
However, about a month and a half ago, when we were in the hospital with Mom just before she passed, we knew that she probably wouldn't be here for this year's beach trip. So, in her honor, my brother, Mike, ordered everyone "Dory Shirts" for this year's trip. In addition, the "yard art Dory" also made the trip and sat on the porch for the entire week overlooking the ocean and watching the babies run around - like Mom always loved to do.
It was during this trip that Mike and I got to spend some quality time together, and we both made a commitment to try and do everything that we could to try and be more giving, more kind, and more sacrificial for our families as we could possibly be (the way our parents were for us), so that one day... perhaps these 3 little ones might inadvertently know exactly who their Great Grandma and Great Grandpa were.
"When life gets you down - What do you do? Just keep swimming." - Dory
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(2) known my Dad, and won't be able to remember the short time that she had with my Mom.
May we all do our best to take the positive that we received from our "loved ones past"... and try our best to share it with our "loved ones future."

(1) This is our granddaughter, Porter (Ginny & Kurt's daughter). Though you can probably tell that it's a little big on her, she sometimes likes to wear her Silent Strength Wrist Band - which always makes me smile! However, she will grow up never having known Chris, never having

(2) real good..that they've made friends..and that they sit with him each day now. The true heroes in this world are not necessarily the people with the most fame, money, popularity, or power. They are simply the people who choose to treat Caden and his buddies do.

(1) A Middle School student named Caden sent us the following message that we have pasted below (with his approval): “This kid with autism was walking around the lunch room alone and me and my buddies invited him to sit with us." After I asked him how it went, he said that it was

(3) one of the kids might receive something positive. However, most of the time it's the kids who provide the positive for us instead.
Thank you to everyone at Lost Mountain Middle School today. You guys were amazing.

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