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18th of March 2018 08:47 PM Link
"The most powerful people in the world ... aren't the people with the most power. The most powerful people in the world ... are those who choose to be kind to others." - Anonymous
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16th of March 2018 10:23 PM Link
Upland Jr. High from California joined last week and jumped up the Board quickly. However, it's going to be tough for anyone to catch Riverview!
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14th of March 2018 08:48 PM Link
My Dad's favorite song is Humble and Kind; how fitting that is for a man who is so humble and so kind (so much so, that I know for a fact if he knew I was making a post about him, he would ask me to please post something that isn't putting him in the spotlight).
Today is his Birthday! Sending all the Birthday love to a man who truly makes this world a better place every single day; a man who gives so much to everyone and asks for nothing in return; a man who will help any and everyone; a man who loves his family with his whole heart; who is so warm that he'll make you feel like you've known him your whole life after just meeting him; whose actions really do speak so much louder than his words (which are always kind, too).
To the most humble and kind man I've ever known, Happy Birthday!! You are SO deserving of a happy day, today and every day!
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12th of March 2018 09:59 PM Link
These "Partners" have currently made the Kindness Platform completely FREE for all schools and students.
If your school or place of business might like to participate, then simply go to the Home Page at and post a positive comment or message about someone - That's it!
("Because sometimes, perhaps, we forget... just how powerful our positive words are to others... and when we might change someone's life forever.")
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11th of March 2018 04:38 PM Link
Every year on this day, we post this picture in honor of my Dad, as today would have been Dad's birthday, and this is my favorite picture of Dad and Chris together. However, outside of my family, I've never shared the true reason as to why this picture - in particular - means so much to me.
Obviously, it shows a meaningful moment of their favorite time of day together (Popsicle time on the couch). But for me - this picture is a reminder of one of the single most powerful lessons I ever learned... as it came from my involved ice cream... and it is forever etched in my memory.

I was about 5 years old when it happened, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Dad had taken our family to a local convenience store to get ice cream. I still remember everything about it... the location, the sounds, the smells, the surroundings... everything. (Upon revisiting my childhood home as an adult - I have intentionally visited this store every time I've returned - due to the significance it had that night a very long time ago.)
Dad went into the store to get everything for us, while we waited excitedly in the car. Upon his return, he proceeded to pass out everyone's ice cream, and I received my large scoop in a cone. It was at that point that I... started to complain. I began to get really upset, as I was mad that I didn't get 2 scoops with chocolate syrup or something on top. And once I started with my "disgust," I poured it on big time... whining, fussing, pouting. I was "all in" in going for and demanding more!
It was at that time, that my Dad - while eating his own single scoop ice cream cone - calmly reached into the back seat, and took my ice cream (to which I was sure he was going to finally go back inside the store to "fix the problem").
However, I then watched through the window as he.... got out of the car... walked slowly over to the trash can... and threw my ice cream cone away. He then proceeded to walk calmly back to the car - where he sat back down in the front seat, and he and Mom looked straight ahead, and continued to enjoy their ice cream cones... as if nothing had ever happened. Needless to say, I was stunned, I was shocked, I was devastated, and I cried until we got home.
But most importantly... I learned.
He did not yell. He did not scream. He did not count to 3 or put me in time out. He did not give me a lecture about how difficult it was for he and Mom to pull that out of their weekly budget during those very challenging times. He did not lecture me about how hard his work week had been or how much sleep he and Mom had lost that week caring for Chris and running the roads to the hospital. He didn't even say one single word. But he didn't have to, because his actions spoke louder than any words he could have possibly said.
In a blink of an eye, I immediately and profoundly learned... that perhaps instead of complaining and wanting more... I should be very appreciative of what I have.

My Dad proceeded through life to give our family significantly more than we could have ever wanted or needed. He was - like my Mom - the most sacrificial, and most giving person I ever knew.
And as I've grown older, with that moment in time etched in my memory, I often wonder if our daily lives aren't much different than that vivid night at the ice cream store nearly 45 years ago - Perhaps instead of complaining about what we don't have... maybe we should spend a little more time appreciating the ice cream cones in our lives that we do have... before they are gone.

That's why I love this picture. Dad is sharing tiny pieces of his ice cream with his son (who has a legitimate argument for complaining about what he doesn't have) but who instead.... appreciates not only the ice cream, but the time together as well.
I loved my Dad and Chris when they were here, but it wasn't until they were gone that I truly realized....that from a brother and from a father standpoint.... I had the double scoops with chocolate syrup.
May we all be a little more thankful for our ice cream cones.
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To the most humble and kind man I've ever known, Happy Birthday!! You are SO deserving of a happy day, today and every day!

Our latest blog is up on the Silent Strength website! Check it out!

Thank you so much to Michelle Honeycutt and the students of Pennington Middle School and Jonesville Middle School in Lee County, VA for so kindly letting us share with you today! You all were amazing!!

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