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23rd of August 2018 10:47 PM Link
I was walking around the cafeteria saying good bye to some of the students after our Program at The Praise Academy Christian School in Powder Springs, GA yesterday - when a little 4th grade girl came up to me. She was very quiet but had the most beautiful little smile. She proceeded to give me a big hug and looked at me... almost as if to say that she understood what I had gone through with the loss of my little brother.
I told her that I really liked her necklace locket. She proceeded to open it to show me a picture of her Daddy who had passed away from an illness not too long ago. Come to find out... she had also lost her Mom a couple of years prior to losing her Dad.
Yet, this little girl - who had experienced SO much loss - was the one coming up to console ME. SHE wanted to be sure that I was O.K.
As I was leaving, Mr. White (school Principal who possesses a tremendous amount of positive energy) confirmed that the little girl had experienced very much loss in her life and that her Grandma was doing an AMAZING job of raising her.
To all of the Parents, Step Parents, Foster Parents, Adopted Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings, Neighbors and anyone else out there raising children to be kind and gentle souls.... YOU are the true heroes in this world - PERIOD!
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16th of August 2018 11:15 PM Link
This is our granddaughter, Porter (Ginny & Kurt's daughter). Though you can probably tell that it's a little big on her, she sometimes likes to wear her Silent Strength Wrist Band - which always makes me smile. šŸ™‚
However, she will grow up never having known Chris, never having known my Dad, and won't be able to remember the short time that she had with my Mom.
May we all do our best to take the positive that we received from our "loved ones past"... and try our best to share it with our "loved ones future."
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12th of August 2018 04:24 PM Link
A Middle School student named Caden sent us the following word for word message that we have pasted below (with his approval):
"This kid with autism was walking around the lunch room alone and me and my buddies invited him to sit with us."
After I asked him how it went, he said that it was real good... that they've made friends... and that they sit with him each day now.
The true heroes in this world are not necessarily the people with the most fame, money, popularity, or power. They are simply the people who choose to treat others... like Caden and his buddies do.
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7th of August 2018 11:19 PM Link
A 6th grader came up to me after the Program at Lost Mountain Middle School in Kennesaw, GA today. He told me that he knew Chris' story and was glad that we got to come and share it with them today.
I asked him how he had heard of Chris' story - since we did not visit them last year.
He said that there was a Special Needs little boy at his church, so last year he was googling how to help that little boy to fit in... and he found Chris.
He then asked me if he could get Chris' autograph.
Each time we are given the opportunity to share, I always hope that one of the kids might receive something positive. However, most of the time it's the kids who provide the positive for us instead.
Thank you to everyone at Lost Mountain Middle School today. You guys were amazing.
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2nd of August 2018 11:35 PM Link
The Parents' Booster Club from Eastern Hancock High School had this awesome poster hanging on the wall in the hallway!
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Our daughter, Ginny, said that we could share this that she wrote earlier today!


(3)of sorts on our walls to track our progress. Iā€™d be happy to give you updates of our progress every couple of weeks if you'd like. I have attached that math problem as well so you can see it."
Best Wishes,
Kendy Johnston -Principal
Overton Ray Elementary School

(2) math problem and sent it out to my teachers to solve with their students. Our campus has committed to participating in and/or recognizing 14, 971 acts of kindness on our campus and in our community. We will write each act on a yellow paper heart and build a giant bar graph

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