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20th of October 2018 12:11 PM Link
"Because they are sent anonymously, the messages that are being submitted by our students are tremendously meaningful. The kids are not making submissions so that they can receive any likes, shares, retweets, re-posts or in order to receive any personal recognition whatsoever. They are doing so simply because they truly want to try and make someone's day better... and it's working!" - Participating Administrator

(YOU UPLIFT - Positive Submission & Display Platform)
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9th of October 2018 01:30 AM Link
Our daughter, Ginny, said that we could share this that she wrote earlier today!

“I feel like this is one of those things you either believe in or you don’t. And because I’m not trying to sway or convince anyone, that’s perfectly okay with me. Just trying to share something positive that’s given my heart a lot of peace. ❤️

When I was younger, my Grandma randomly asked me one day what I wanted of hers when the day came that she passed. We went back and forth about how I didn’t know and didn’t want to talk about that because I didn’t want it to ever happen, and she, being the extremely blunt person that she was, saying, “Well it’s going to happen someday! When it does, what do you want?” I didn’t want anything, I told her, so I asked her what was something special that she would want me to have.
She got quiet and smiled when she looked above where I was sitting in her shadow box on the wall in her living room. She picked up a tiny frame with a pressed four leaf clover inside and handed it to me.
“Have I ever told you about this?” she asked.
“No, what is that?” I said.
“This is the reason why we live here.”
I looked at her, confused, and she went on.
“We vacationed here and it was our favorite place. Grandpa always called it a little piece of heaven. We started contemplating what it would mean to move here, to this place, to this house on this land that we love so much. I struggled with the idea of all of us picking up our lives to come here, the boys having to leave their friends and their school and everything they knew. Something about it felt right, but I needed a sign. So I asked for one. As we were leaving here to go back home, I told God that I needed to see a four leaf clover as my sign to know that it was what we should do, because I’d never found one before but I’d always tried looking for them. I told myself that if I didn’t see one, I’d accept that it wasn’t meant to be. But that if I did, since I’d never been able to find one, it was a sure sign. I walked out the front door on my way to the car, looked down, and there it was. This four leaf clover. So I picked it, showed Grandpa and said, alright! We’re moving!”
I smiled, “I’ve never heard that story, that’s amazing!”
We revisited that story sometimes when I’d see the four leaf clover sitting there, knowing what it meant, smiling together that we were all meant to be there on that mountain.
And we left it at that until my wedding day. I got married there, at my favorite place in the world. That beautiful mountain that they’d picked up their lives to come to, that they worked so hard for, all of that land that was their “little piece of heaven,” and mine, too.
Grandma handed me a golden four leaf clover pin to be my “something old,” and told me it was mine to keep. We both teared up and hugged and later I pinned it on the inside of my wedding dress to keep with me the whole night.
This past May, my Grandma passed away. Grieving it has been a bit hard because selfishly I didn’t get to say goodbye or give her one last hug, even though her wishes were that we didn’t see her sick, so I try to remind myself that I did the right thing respecting that. I’ve had a hard time going back into her house without getting emotional. It’s weird sitting on her porch without her. Her jacket is still on the hook, her shoes are by the back door, and she left a grocery list on the table beside her couch. Her car is still in the same spot. I go back as often as I can because it’ll always be my favorite place in the world. But it’s never not weird that’s it’s empty now.
One day soon after she passed, still really struggling with my own selfishness, I told Grandma that I really needed a sign because I was having a tough time with it all. My family was helping someone move furniture into her house and I got a moment to myself outside. I bent down in the grass and said, “Alright Grandma. Nows the time. If you show me a four leaf clover, I’ll KNOW that’s you.”
I’d never found one although I’d always looked for them.
Not five seconds after I said that, I looked down and saw a four leaf clover.
I smiled and teared up and picked it and said thank you. I pressed it and put it in a tiny frame that my Mom found for me, just like Grandma’s was.
And then a few weeks ago, when I got to go back home, Mom and I were enjoying being outside with Porter, barefoot, playing. Together, in the span of about fifteen minutes, we found nine four leaf clovers.
I love that Grandma has been able to send me a sign that I’d clearly understand was from her (and so has my Grandpa), and that I believe in them just as strongly as she did. And I love knowing that even though they physically aren’t there anymore, they’ll always be with us on that little piece of heaven that we have because of them.”
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7th of October 2018 06:11 PM Link
Message and Video submitted by a Parent via their "You Uplift" Platform at Central Lee (Iowa)... thanking a Teacher for helping her daughter learn her classmates names. 🙂
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3rd of October 2018 09:52 PM Link
Though the vast majority of our "You Uplift" Schools are just getting ready to launch their Platform for their students in October (12 more schools signed up this past week)... these schools got an early jump and started rolling in September! The kids at Louisa County Middle, VA have come flying out of the starting blocks!
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30th of September 2018 11:26 PM Link
They said they are doing this in honor of each day that Chris spent on this earth being kind to others... and I lost it.

"... Also, I wanted to let you know that we are starting a campus wide challenge for our students and staff this year based on your presentation. I made a math problem and sent it out to my teachers to solve with their students. Our campus has committed to participating in and/or recognizing 14, 971 acts of kindness on our campus and in our community. We will write each act on a yellow paper heart and build a giant bar graph of sorts on our walls to track our progress. I would be happy to give you updates of our progress every couple of weeks if you'd like. I have attached that math problem as well so you can see it."

Best Wishes,
Kendy Johnston
Overton Ray Elementary School
Burkburnett, Texas
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Thank you to Demetrius Means of the Lancaster Library (Teen Leader) who partnered with Ms. Davis (Principal) at Lancaster Middle School for allowing us to come and share today!

A shy 5th grader handed us this picture that she had drawn at the end of the Presentation today at Lancaster Middle School, VA. I told her that it will be going on our bulletin board beside my computer at home. 🙂

Over 1,050 positive comments and messages posted anonymously from students to each other for October!

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