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1st of March 2019 10:59 PM Link
Riverview (VA), Louisa (VA), Mellon (PA), and Bradford (FL) all had a big month again in February!
However, keep an eye on Woodland Middle School (NJ) who just started last Friday - and whose students have posted these numbers in just one week's time!
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25th of February 2019 11:14 PM Link
Jim Walker (custodian at Princeton Elementary in Princeton, Maine) purchased a Silent Strength t-shirt, because he wanted to give it to a deserving student. After conferring with Ms. Disher, they chose to give the shirt to Lucian. Here is the word for word response that Ms. Disher sent to us as to why they picked Lucian (as both the picture and the message have been posted with their permission).
May God bless all of the "Lucians" out there who are making a positive impact on all of the students (and adults) in their schools!

Hi Doug! Our custodian, Jim, has asked me to tell you a little bit about our student, Lucian, who received the free t-shirt from the school. Lucian is an amazing child. He is kind literally ALL of the time. He sees the best in everyone and truly believes that people are good. He will give anyone a second or third chance and loves to spread the word of kindness around the school. After your visit, Lucian came to me with the idea of starting a Kindness Club. He took the initiative to spread the word, recruit members and write something for our school newspaper about the new club. We are about to have our 2nd meeting this week and we have a lot of great ideas, mostly thanks to Lucian! When Jim asked the principal and I to choose a deserving student for the t-shirt, Lucian was the first to come to mind. He embodies empathy and kindness and we are lucky to have him at PES!
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16th of February 2019 06:40 PM Link
After almost 2 months of intense coding, David is now releasing new Features to his Kindness Platform and would like to extend a Free Trial to any school nationwide who might like to give it a try!
If you are connected in any way to an Elementary, Middle, or High school in your area who you feel might benefit from his Platform, then please feel free to share this information with them and ask them to comment or message us, and he can have them up and running right away!
(Updated Features are listed below and include):
* Customized Positive Submission Form url
* Customized Rotating Display of Positive Messages url
* Push-Button APPROVAL Function for faculty member(s)
* Customized Logo / School Colors / & Display for all Approved Submissions
* Works with any School website
* Display Feature for Facility Smart TVs
* Click Through Display Feature for phones, tablets, and PC's.

(And though he has focused completely on kids so far.... I told him that his system might possibly be of interest in some work place environments for us adults as well 🙂
FREE TRIALS for EVERYONE! Please let us know if you might like to participate!
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4th of February 2019 11:17 PM Link
The first High School (Groveton, NH) and Elementary School only (Princeton, ME) made it into the TOP 5 for January! However, Riverview and Louisa continue to hold the Top 2 spots as they have for the past several months! 🙂
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31st of January 2019 12:22 AM Link
Mark, Matt, and Mary Spillane were our next door neighbors and among the best friends that my brothers Mike, and Chris and I had. In addition, their parents and our parents were dear friends, as our families spent a lot of time together "back in the day" where we all grew up together in southern Maryland.
However, we moved when I was 9 years old, and though Mark and I reconnected a few years ago (and though Mrs. Spillane was still one of my Mom's very best friends in the world), our families had all moved to different parts of the country.
Yesterday (while driving home to Virginia from sharing Chris' Program outside of Pittsburgh, PA), I got a voice message from Mark... and this morning got a Facebook message from Mary. Apparently, two of Mary's children went home yesterday talking about their Program at school. Unbeknownst to any of us, and upon putting it all together, Mary realized that her kids were telling her a story... about her next door neighbors from over 40 years ago!
(Being that Mrs. Spillane was one of Mom's dearest friends, Denita and I began to wonder... if this was all just an extremely massive coincidence... or if maybe Mom had helped set this up somehow from where she is now.) 🙂
It was GREAT getting to inadvertently reconnect with our old friends... and their new generation 🙂
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Our very first commercial for YouUplift!!

Positive Submission & Display Platform
What if there was a platform where ONLY positive messages became visible? - 100% Guaranteed!

Community Service in Action! Some students in Advisory at OMS are committing Random Acts of Kindness via #PositiveStickyNotes posted on classmates lockers. We hope they brighten your day as much as they brightened our day! #SEL #HabitsOfMind #edchatme @SilentStrength_


@SilentStrength_ Goal Squashed! Our kiddos spreading so much positivity for their school and keeping the Silent Strength Pledge going strong! #proudremsprincipal

It’s Doug’s Bday! We’re posting while he doesn’t know; he’d ask that we post something else instead. To Chris’ big brother, an amazing son, husband, Dad, and Papa, such a humble, kind, and genuine person, thank you for being such a positive light in this world! Happy Birthday!

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